Razer’s New Premium Wireless Headphones Boast Fantastic Audio Features

Well-known for its gaming products, Razer has announced its first step into the lifestyle headphones market. The Razer Opus is the company’s first pair of headphones that aren’t dedicated to gaming. These wireless headphones are made specifically with music and movies in mind, equipped with THX-certified audio and advanced hybrid active noise canceling, and they’re available now. The Razer Opus wireless headphones are $200 and available at Amazon and Razer’s own storefront. They come with free shipping and can arrive as early as this week if you order with Amazon Prime.

The Razer Opus’s hybrid active noise canceling is achieved with four dedicated microphones. The noise canceling can be turned off, and if you’re in a situation where it’s paramount to hear the outside world (for your safety or otherwise), then you can hold the ANC button to amplify ambient noise. The Opus will also pause your media when you take the headphones off or rest them around your neck and resume your media once you place them back on your ears.

Razer Opus wireless headphones


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Author: Mat Paget