Elon Musk is playing Twitter footsie with the fringe right

Elon Musk Speaks At Satellite Conference In Washington, DC

Photo by Win McNamee / Getty Images

Elon Musk has always had a certain manic energy on Twitter, but in the past week, his output has taken a more troubling turn. Musk’s ongoing standoff with Alameda County health officials had inspired him to share a wave of disinformation, something he hasn’t backed off from even as much of it has been removed from the platforms themselves. But now, Musk seems to be moving into a more troubling part of the online sphere, and he risks taking a lot of his fans with him.

Take the red pill

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 17, 2020

Last night, Musk tweeted a confusing combination of the rose symbol for the Democratic Socialists of America and the red pill meme, a Matrix reference that has become a touchstone for anti-feminist communities…

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Author: Russell Brandom