A Free Kerbal Space Program Update Will Introduce Some Real-Life Space Missions

Kerbal Space Program is teaming up with the European Space Agency (ESA) to launch a free update, which will celebrate the ESA’s numerous contributions to space exploration.

The update is called “Shared Horizons” and will include two new missions recreating ESA ventures, using the Arian 5 rocket and some ESA-themed space suits for Kerbals.

“Here at the European Space Agency, many of our engineers and scientists are very familiar with KSP,” ESA Director of Science Günther Hasinger said in a statement on the ESA official website. “Both Rosetta and BepiColombo are highly complex missions that have specific challenges; however, each prove to be very rewarding for ESA and the global scientific community. Because of this, I am very happy that these ground-breaking science missions can be experienced on Kerbin as well as on Earth.”

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Author: Olivia Harris