Games Need To Steal This Small But Crucial Bleeding Edge Feature

Like plenty of other squad-based multiplayer games that have launched in recent years, such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone, Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge has a ping system that allows you to communicate with your team without actually speaking into a mic. As someone who doesn’t always want to talk to his teammates when I’m playing online, it’s a trend I hope to see continue in multiplayer games.

Though I’m not a huge fan of Bleeding Edge’s ping system overall (most of its pings require two button presses instead of just one, making it difficult to use in combat), it does offer an option that I haven’t seen in similar games. It’s something that I’ve been hoping Respawn adds to Apex Legends one day–in fact, I hope most multiplayer-focused games steal this one aspect from Bleeding Edge’s ping system. In Bleeding Edge, you can ping your squad to suggest a retreat.

Now, obviously, you shouldn’t just run from every fight. It’s better to win than run away, but sometimes you need to flee in order to regroup so that you can win the subsequent encounter. Most ping systems handle the concept of retreat the same way they do pushing forward–by pinging in a certain direction, your character informs the rest of the team that they should move in that direction.

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Author: Jordan Ramée