Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s First DLC Will Let You Turn Into A Super Saiyan God

Bandai Namco has unveiled the first piece of DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, “A New Power Awakens – Part 1”. The DLC, which is included in the Ultimate Edition or available separately, will continue Goku’s story with events depicted in Dragon Ball Super.

The DLC will involve Goku preparing to face off against Beerus, the God of Destruction, who serves as the first antagonist of the most recent Dragon Ball series. You’ll be trained by Whis, who fans of the anime and manga will recognize.

This DLC, which can be accessed at any time during the game (regardless of whether you have finished) will also allow you to unlock the Super Saiyan God form. Super Saiyan God, which gives Goku red hair and higher speed in the anime, is somehow only the fourth or fifth most powerful Saiyan form introduced in Super, but it’s stronger than any of the Super Saiyan forms in the game so far.

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Author: James O’Connor