AT&T CEO addresses major surge in mobile, Wi-Fi usage as more people work from home

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

AT&T’s networks have seen a surge of usage since companies around the United States have asked employees to work from home and schools have moved online following the COVID-19 outbreak.

CEO Randall Stephenson told CNN’s Brian Stelter on today’s Reliable Sources that “mobile volumes are up 40 percent,” and “Wi-Fi calling volumes are up 100 percent.” Stephenson added the network infrastructures are “performing quite well,” but noted the company is seeing some stress as more people work from home.

AT&T itself currently has approximately 90,000 employees working from home, according to Stephenson. Stephenson added that considering how many people are working from home, and how this will change the future of work once the crisis is over,…

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Author: Julia Alexander