Apex Legends Kings Canyon Map Returns Tomorrow (Temporarily)

Well, this is a nice surprise. Starting tomorrow, February 21, Apex Legends will see the return of Season 1: Wild Frontier’s Kings Canyon map. The map will remain in the game for the weekend, leaving on Monday, February 24.

Apex Legends’ original map will return as a separate playlist in the game, allowing you to play in unranked on either Kings Canyon or World’s Edge. The competitive playlist will continue to only support World’s Edge, though it will transition to Kings Canyon halfway through Season 4: Assimilation.

It’s worth noting that, as it’s the one from Wild Frontier, the Kings Canyon that’s coming back is not exactly the same as the one we last saw. Kings Canyon underwent a major transformation in Season 2: Battle Charge, which saw both leviathans and flyers invade the arena.

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Author: Jordan Ramée