Revenant Killed Apex Legends Season 4’s New Character, Forge (And You Can Now Loot Forge’s Body)

Whelp, what do ya know? Forge is dead. After implying Revenant would be the next playable character in Apex Legends, Respawn messed with fans’ expectations by announcing Forge would be the new character in Season 4: Assimilation. Now, the developer is at it again–by having Revenant kill Forge.

You can see the deed being done in the video below. It’s a televised interview with James “The Forge” McCormick, which ends with Revenant sneaking up on the soon-to-be-legend and stabbing him in the back. Though the video does leave the overall fates of both Forge and Revenant up in the air–it ends before actually confirming whether Forge died or whether Revenant was captured–you can find the evidence to what happened next in Apex Legends itself.

While some think he’s not ready for the Games, James “The Forge” McCormick is confident his Shatter Gauntlets and full backing from Hammond Robotics will help him make his mark in the Arena. Don’t miss this special episode of “Up Close and Personal with Lisa Stone”.

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For the past week, World’s Edge has been changing in preparation for the arrival of Forge. Signs have gone up advertising the addition of new structures to the arena, a camera set has been constructed for Forge’s interview, and a grate in the floor of Sorting Factory has been removed–implying that someone else has managed to sneak their way onto the map in preparation for Forge’s arrival.

Now that the interview has aired, the video set has been destroyed, and there’s now a death box in the spot where Forge was sitting. You can loot the death box to see a special in-game message that offers a eulogy for Forge.

You can find Forge's death box in Sorting Factory.
You can find Forge’s death box in Sorting Factory.

Seeing the message unlocks a special Forge-themed in-game charm that you can equip to any of your guns. So both in the trailer and in-game, all signs point to Forge being dead. This probably means that Revenant–who’s been hinted to be the next legend since Fight or Fright–will be the new character added in Season 4. Respawn hasn’t confirmed it yet, but now all signs point to Revenant.

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Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation will add a brand-new sniper rifle to the game and bring back the fan-favorite Kings Canyon map. Assimilation also makes several changes to how Ranked Mode will work and also adjusts the Assist system so that it’s easier to earn points by helping your teammates kill opponents. We’ve compiled everything we know about Assimilation so far, though Respawn is likely to announce a few more details in the coming week–we still don’t have official confirmation that Forge is dead dead (this is a universe where people can be brought back to life with the right tech) or that Revenant is the next playable character.

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Apex Legends is currently in the midst of the final days of Season 3: Meltdown–which is concluding with Grand Soirée Arcade, an in-game event that offered seven new in-game modes and new rare and legendary weapon and character skins. Meltdown officially ends on February 3, with Season 4: Assimilation beginning the very next day–the birthday of Apex Legends’ announcement and release.

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Author: Jordan Ramée