Ninja Reportedly Received $20-30 Million To Move To Mixer

In August 2019, popular streamer Tyler Blevins (aka Ninja) signed an exclusivity deal with Mixer, moving away from Twitch and fast building up a huge following on his new platform. It was clear that a lot of money must have been involved in the transaction, and now a new report is offering a ballpark figure.

According to an article on CNN about streamers being offered lucrative exclusivity contracts, Ninja’s deal was likely worth between $20-30 million. This figure comes from Justin Warden, who is the CEO of marketing and talent management company Ader, and who claims to have inside knowledge of the deal.

This was for a multi-year deal, and still likely represents the largest deal a streamer has gotten for exclusivity. Ninja is so popular that he has his own skin in Fortnite, the game he is most famous for streaming.

Back in 2014, Amazon spent $1 billion acquiring Twitch, which Mixer (owned by Microsoft) is in direct competition with. Other streamers who have left Twitch for Mixer deals include Shroud and Ewok, a deaf teenage Fortnite streamer.

Mixer is just one of the streaming platforms Twitch now competes with–YouTube and Facebook Gaming are also nabbing streamers.

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Author: James O’Connor