Ikea and Teenage Engineering launch co-developed speakers and party products

Two and a half years after Ikea first announced its collaboration with Swedish design collective Teenage Engineering, the products are going on sale. The Frekvens range (which translates to “frequency”) will be rolling out in US stores from today through February 1st, according to Ikea.

Teenage Engineering is best known for its music products like the iconic OP-1 synthesizer, so it’s no surprise that the Frekvens collection sees Ikea continue its expansion into the world of home audio. There are two speakers in the range, a $69.99 model and a more portable $19.99 option with a belt clip, along with a $149 subwoofer combo and a $10 light-up speaker base.

“The Items got narrowed down towards sound,” Teenage Engineering founder Jesper…

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Author: Sam Byford