Temtem, Now In Early Access, Will Gradually Rise In Price As Development Continues

Temtem, a new PC MMO that is clearly inspired by Pokemon, has just launched in Early Access on Steam. The game, which costs $35, lets you catch, train, and battle with your Temtem, and explore the world alongside other players.

It’s a good proposition for PC players who want a Pokemon-style game, or even players who were disappointed with Pokemon Sword/Shield, which it’s currently cheaper than. That might not remain the game forever, though, as developer Crema has suggested that the game’s price will rise in the future, before it has left Early Access.

On the game’s Steam page, a developer Q&A states that the game is about 50% complete right now, and will take about 20 hours to play through. The final product will be much bigger, but people buying the game now are paying less than customers will have to pay for later versions of the game.

“We believe in giving advantages to our early supporters, so the current Early Access price will be raised gradually as we ship new content and features,” it says. It’s unclear when this might happen, or how high the price would go, but if you’re interested in the game it might be worth picking it up sooner rather than later.

In her hands-on preview, Kallie Plagge said that the game is an interesting twist on what we’ve seen before from the Pokemon series.

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Author: James O’Connor