Super Nintendo World Theme Park Revealed With Charli XCX Music Video

Nintendo has debuted a new music video from Charli XCX to show off Super Nintendo World, the upcoming theme park at Universal Studios Japan. The song, below, mixes in elements from the Super Mario soundtrack and shows attendees enjoying (and parkouring around) a CGI mock-up of the park’s attractions.

The park is due to open during Japanese summer (from roughly June to September) 2020. It will open with two rides, but should grow from there, as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has.

The video shows no actual footage of the still-under-construction park, but captures the Nintendo spirit and aesthetic.

Bloomberg reporter Kurumi Mori tweeted details from a Universal Studios Japan presentation about Super Nintendo World, which showed off the park’s “live video game” aspirations. Attendees will be able to take part in Mario Kart-like races, and compete to earn the most coins around the park thanks to “power up bands” that will sync with their phones. These bands can be seen around several wrists in the video above.

Super Nintendo World means you can now step into a real-life Mario Kart race! 🏁🚗🎮
Slated to open before the Summer Olympics at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka #Nintendo #MarioKart

— Kurumi Mori (@rumireports) January 13, 2020

“NO LIMIT!” is the new brand slogan.
USJ Marketing Director Ayumu Yamamoto says… If Disney is the dreamworld then USJ is the wake world where we will energize you and make you feel alive ✨ #SuperNintendoWorld

— Kurumi Mori (@rumireports) January 14, 2020

Super Nintendo World will use tech + smartphone app⚡ Wearable wrist bands called the “Power Up Band” will make you feel like you’re part of the game world 🎮 You can collect digital coins and compete with others #SuperNintendoWorld #MarioKart

— Kurumi Mori (@rumireports) January 14, 2020

“A life-size, living video game” — Thierry Coup shows us the new app used to enjoy Super Nintendo World with a wrist band, touting an interactive experience #Nintendo

— Kurumi Mori (@rumireports) January 14, 2020

So far, there are no announced plans for Super Nintendo Worlds outside of Japan.

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Author: James O’Connor