Ubiquiti’s new AmpliFi Alien router has Wi-Fi 6 and a touchscreen for $379

Image: Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti has announced its first Wi-Fi 6 router, the AmpliFi Alien. The tri-band router supports the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ax standard and includes four gigabit LAN ports on its rear, along with a single WAN port to receive an internet connection. You can also pair multiple units together to create a mesh network. The router costs $379 and is available now from AmpliFi.com.

Despite what its “Alien” name suggests, the router has a nicely understated design compared to most other Wi-Fi 6 routers on the market, many of which have ended up looking like sci-fi robot spiders. Ubiquiti’s router does have a pair of design flourishes, however: there’s a small touchscreen on its front, which shows off the time, date, and connectivity information, and…

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Author: Jon Porter