Google Stadia Game Pricing: See How Much Every Game Costs

With Stadia Pro, you’ll get a discount on many of the games available on Google Stadia–the company’s new cloud-based game streaming service. Below, we’ve listed all of the games available for Stadia on day one, as well as the price they’re each being sold at.

At launch, Stadia is a bit barebones, with Google saying that the missing features and in-service content will be added piece by piece in 2020. Many of the initial impressions of Stadia have been underwhelming too. Knowing that, you may want to hold off on ordering Stadia if you haven’t already. Several games have been discounted on day one for those who have a Stadia Pro subscription. However, the discount will only last until December 3.

Google Stadia Day One Game Pricing

In GameSpot’s Google Stadia review in progress, Peter Brown writes that he’s “a firm believer in [cloud gamings] future after spending a week with Stadia, but it’s also obvious there’s a long road ahead for Google to take us there.” If you have already ordered Stadia, Google has some suggestions for you prior to playing on the service.

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Author: Jordan Ramée