Valve announces Half-Life: Alyx, its first flagship VR game

Two years and nine months after announcing it would build three (3) full-length VR games — a number that Valve Software has historically never been able to count to before, and one of the most exciting announcements in VR’s short history so far — the company has today announced Half-Life: Alyx, the first new game in the acclaimed Half-Life series in well over a decade.

We’re excited to unveil Half-Life: Alyx, our flagship VR game, this Thursday at 10am Pacific Time.

Can’t wait to share it with all of you!

— Valve (@valvesoftware) November 18, 2019

We don’t currently have any details beyond the tweet from Valve above, which appears to be the first tweet from a new, Twitter-verified Valve Software account…

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Author: Sean Hollister