Street Fighter’s Chun-Li Has Joined The Power Rangers In Their Mobile Fighting Game

Chun-Li, a mainstay of the Street Fighter series, has joined the Power Rangers. She’s not part of the TV series, or included in the upcoming movie sequel that has been rumored, though–instead she’s joined the mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars to battle against the villain M. Bison. You can see her in her Power Rangers garb, and see how her moves translate to the game, in the video below.

The video description sums up the plot for this new Chun-Li episode within the game: “As Chun-Li’s allies fended off M. Bison’s army of Evil Rangers, she faced him one on one. With her courage, determination, and teamwork, she was able to retrieve the Phoenix Power Coin and save her newfound friends.”

The mobile fighting game developed by nWay pits characters from the TV show against each other, and this is not the first time it has crossed over with Street Fighter. The Street Fighter Showdown event introduced Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Akuma, M. Bison and Cammy to the game in 2018, but they didn’t get the full Power Rangers suit treatment as Chun-Li has now. Her moveset has been faithfully carried across from the Street Fighter series (which continues to grow with the recent announcement of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.)

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is an online tag-team fighting game based on the massively popular franchise. It features series antagonist Rita Repulsa as a major villain, and is free-to-play. As of March 2019, it had been downloaded over 50 million times.

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Author: James O’Connor