Here’s what the PlayStation 5’s controller might look like

PS3 dualshock controller close-up

We already know that the PlayStation 5 is coming next year, and that its controller will have a few new tricks up its sleeve (more on those later). And now, we might have an idea of what that new controller could look like, based on images from a patent filed in Japan.

Image: Japan Platform for Patent Information

At first glance, the controller looks a lot like a DualShock 4 — which isn’t too surprising. In a hands-on, Wired described a prototype of the PS5’s controller as looking “an awful lot like the PS4’s DualShock 4.” And you can see a lot of elements carried over from the DualShock 4: a similar-looking D-pad, similar button placement, and what appears to be the touch bar. I also noticed that the grips seem to…

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Author: Jay Peters