Avengers: Endgame’s Directors Are Going On Tour For Some Reason, Kicking Off At SDCC

In case you somehow forgot that Avengers: Endgame came out this year and has an imminently approaching home release date, Anthony and Joe Russo are happy to remind you–and they’ve partnered with Marvel to set up a whole “tour” to do just that. Welcome to the “We Love You 3000 Tour,” a warm-and-fuzzy nod to Tony Stark’s dying words to his family, now a series of promotional events to make sure that failed Avatar record-breaking attempt doesn’t sting too badly for too long. For the first time, the MCU directors will hit the road like traveling snake oil salesmen, zig-zagging across the country (though mostly just hopping from Best Buy to Best Buy) for special fan events and activations.

The We Love You 3000 Tour kicks off this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, where the Russos also have a special spotlight panel (though not officially connected to Marvel Studios) in Hall H, just before Endgame’s writers–Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely–take the stage for their own one-hour spotlight. Don’t worry, Marvel has plenty of other events–both Endgame related and otherwise–planned for the show as well.

While the bulk of the tour does indeed feature Best Buy in-store events, it also includes a stop at the Funko HQ in Seattle for a “fan experience,” a night at Oracle Park in San Francisco where the directors will throw out the first pitch during a Giants game, and a bus tour of scenic Cleveland Ohio, Marvel’s go-to NYC double, to see filming locations of MCU movies. The tour will culminate at Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim California in August, but details as to the big finale event are still to come.

Each stop will apparently feature “special guests” from Marvel Studios and the MCU in addition to Anthony and Joe, but participating celebrities and executives are, unsurprisingly, left up to the imagination. Who knows, maybe Jeremy Renner will show up to promote his new album? He could be the tour’s opening act.

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Author: Meg Downey