Best Nintendo Switch Deals For Amazon Prime Day 2019

As Nintendo fans, we’re used to shelling out more than average for our games and accessories, but luckily, Amazon Prime Day is nearly here to save us some cash while giving us an excuse to spend even more money on Nintendo products. Whether you’re looking to pick up your first Nintendo Switch, have a specific game in mind, or are just curious what kind of discounts will actually be available, you’ve come to the right place.

While Amazon Prime Day doesn’t officially kick off until Monday, July 15, the retail giant is already starting to discount many products in preparation for Prime Day. Plus, Amazon’s biggest competitors are getting in on the deals action by throwing their own anti-Prime Day sales, including Walmart, Target, and GameStop, to name just a few. All that competition can only benefit shoppers, as Prime Day has gradually become the equivalent of Black Friday in the summer with record-low discounts on high-cost items (like game consoles). Even though the Nintendo Switch sells for $300, a lower price point than the Xbox One or PS4, its games and accessories get quite pricey, with Switch Pro controllers selling for $70 and first-party titles often remaining at $60 long after launch. That’s why finding good deals on Switch products is even more exciting, and Prime Day is likely your best chance to find a ton of Switch discounts until Black Friday.

Prime Day comes with an overwhelming amount of deals shoved in your face, so we’re here to help make the experience a bit less stressful. Here are the best Nintendo Switch deals for Prime Day available now (and note that this story will continue to be updated as Prime Day really gets started next week).

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - on sale for $20 at Amazon
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – on sale for $20 at Amazon

Best Nintendo Switch game deals

From GameStop’s huge Summer Sale to Ebay’s Hot Deals for Hot Days, there are plenty of discounts floating around already in anticipation of Prime Day; plus, Amazon itself already has some pretty notable price cuts available. Check out some of the great game deals you can snag already below.

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Best Nintendo Switch console deals

Everyone’s still buzzing about the announcement of a new $200 Switch model, the Switch Lite, but with it releasing in September, we wouldn’t count on it getting discounted any time soon. If you’re in the market for a Switch, your best bet is to grab the OG model during Prime Day. While listed at $300 normally, we’ve seen the Switch as low as $240 in the past, and we’re willing to bet it drops steeply again over the next week.

Of course, if you’re willing to get a slightly used or refurbished model, you can already find the Switch cheaper at some retailers. But if you’re holding out for a brand-new Switch to drop below $300, you may have to wait until Prime Day. When we start spotting deals, we’ll include those here. It’s worth mentioning there is a small perk for getting the console at GameStop right now, and that’s a free Starlink: Battle for Atlas starter pack.

FastSnail Grips, 2-pack - on sale for $10.95 at Amazon
FastSnail Grips, 2-pack – on sale for $10.95 at Amazon

Best Nintendo Switch accessory deals

As we said earlier, Switch accessories are almost as notoriously expensive as the games themselves. But if the Switch is your primary gaming system, it definitely doesn’t hurt to invest in at least a few essentials: a Pro controller, a hard-shell travel case, a microSD memory card, etc. More deals will start going live as Prime Day starts, but here are some of the best accessory deals available now.

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Author: Jenae Sitzes