The Division 2 Is Finally Adding Matchmaking For Raids

Responding to requests from fans, The Division 2 is adding matchmaking for raids.

Matchmaking will be available for the Operation Dark Hours raid, which was originally released back in May. The eight-player raid sees players working together to take down Black Tusk forces who have overtaken the Washington National Airport.

The wording of Ubisoft’s press release suggests that matchmaking may only be available for the new, more casual “Discovery” difficulty mode. Here is how Ubisoft described it in a press release:

“The new Discovery Difficulty, along with its corresponding matchmaking option, will allow more players to experience The Division 2 in its entirety. While Operation Dark Hours Exotic loot remains exclusive to the Normal difficulty, Agents playing the Discovery Difficulty can expect a variety of great rewards, while training for the Normal Difficulty.”

Matchmaking with anyone for story missions and other parts of the game is part of what makes The Division 2 so great. As such, some fans expressed their disappointment when Ubisoft confirmed there would be no matchmaking for raids.

“We decided to not include matchmaking, as we don’t think this would make a good gameplay experience for random groups,” The Division 2 community developer Hamish Bode said in a statement back in May. “The Raid will test your ability to communicate well, have a good build set up, and will require great teamwork to beat encounters.”

In other news, The Division 2’s first free episode of its Year 1 content plan, DC Outskirts: Expedition, is scheduled for release on July 23. For lots more on the expansion, check out GameSpot’s breakdown of everything you need to know.

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Author: Eddie Makuch