Epic Extends Weekly Free Game Offer Through 2019, New Game Available Today

Epic’s month-long Mega Sale ends after today, but the digital store announced it’s extending one particular offer through the rest of 2019. During the Mega Sale, Epic began offering a free PC game to its users on a weekly basis (rather than biweekly, as it was doing before), and the store will continue giving one free game away every week through the rest of the year, starting with Enter the Gungeon.

Available for free starting today, Enter the Gungeon is a gunfight dungeon-crawler that takes place in the Gungeon, a “bullet-hell fortress” that’s constantly evolving and upping its challenges. The “gungeoneers” are a group of misfits with deep regrets seeking a powerful treasure at the Gungeon’s core: a legendary gun that can kill their past. The heroes must brave traps, chasms, and wave after wave of bullets to make their way through the dungeon, and a variety of wacky weapons are at your disposal, including guns that shoot lasers, cannonballs, rainbows, fish, darts, and more.

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The game received a 7/10 in GameSpot’s Enter the Gungeon review, in which critic Cassidee Moser took issue with its guns feeling similar and certain gameplay elements, but praised its finely tuned shooting mechanics, challenging enemies, and dynamic visuals. “Care has been placed in the smallest details, mixing retro-inspired pixelated artwork with more contemporary styles of visual feedback,” wrote Moser.

As a reminder, you’ll need a free Epic account to claim Enter the Gungeon, and once you do add the game to your account, it’ll be yours to keep. Enter the Gungeon will be available until June 20, when it will be replaced by space adventure Rebel Galaxy.

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Author: Jenae Sitzes