Elon Musk And Bethesda’s Todd Howard Have A Weird Chat, Announce Fallout Shelter For Tesla

Tesla is getting another video game. In an E3 Coliseum panel at E3 2019, Todd Howard announced that the management sim Fallout Shelter will be coming to Tesla autos. No release date was mentioned in the announcement.

The word came from a panel with Bethesda’s Todd Howard and Tesla’s Elon Musk. The conversation was wide-ranging and often esoteric or even odd, but Howard slipped a comment about their partnership in the midst of it.

“We are actually working together,” Howard said. “We are working on Fallout Shelter for Tesla. So you’ll have your little dwellers on the screen and they live in the car.”

Responding to a call-out from a member of the audience suggesting Skyrim on Tesla, Howard joked, “We’re going to start a little smaller.”

Similarly, StudioMDHR recently announced that Cuphead would be appearing in Tesla autos.

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Author: Steve Watts