E3 2019: Untitled Goose Game Dev Explains Why They Went With Epic Games Store As An Exclusive

Earlier this week at E3 2019 it was confirmed that indie developer House House’s wacky and wonderful-looking Untitled Goose Game will launch on PC as a timed-exclusive for the Epic Games Store. Some people got upset about this. Now, House House has explained why it decided to go with Epic for the launch of Untitled Goose Game on PC.

Posting on Twitter, the studio reminded fans that it is a small, four-person team that has worked over the years on a “tight budget.” As such, working Epic gives the Melbourne, Australia-based team a level of security it didn’t have on its own.

“House House is a small independent studio that has been operating on a tight budget for years, so a partnership like this gives us a means to make games sustainably for the foreseeable future,” it said. “In an industry like ours, this kind of stability is huge.”

Untitled Goose Game will be released on other PC platforms in the future, after the Epic Games Store exclusivity period ends.

Untitled Goose Game has you controlling a goose who is a jerk. The game gives you a “to-do” list of tasks to complete, and you’ll need to manipulate objects around the environment to figure out how to clear each objective. One, for instance, is to enter a garden, but the gate is closed. You need to pick up a nearby radio with your beak to get the groundskeeper’s attention, then slip in when he opens the gate to investigate.

It is House House’s second game, following the well-received title Push Me Pull You which is a co-op game where players share a worm-like body and are joined at the waist.

Untitled Goose Game is also coming to Nintendo Switch. The game was originally set for launch in early 2019 but it was later pushed back to an unspecified release date later in the year.

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Author: Eddie Makuch