A Detective Pikachu Movie Sequel Is Reportedly In The Works

Hopefully, you haven’t gotten your fill of live-action Pokemon movies. Following the box office success of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, which has already earned over $60 million after one week in theaters, it’s being reported that a sequel is being developed. Though there aren’t many details at this point, it’s hardly a surprise that a property with as much lore as Pokemon is being looked at for more big screen adaptations.

The news comes from ComicBook.com, which cites numerous sources that claim Legendary Entertainment is moving forward with a sequel to the film, which stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular yellow pocket monster. Based on the report, it sounds as if the next movie will be a direct sequel to Detective Pikachu, while further Pokemon films will be explored in the years to come.

While a second Detective Pikachu film would likely put its primary focus on Pikachu once again, there are still tons of Pokemon that populated the world of Ryme City and beyond in the first film. GameSpot’s resident Pokemon experts managed to identify nearly 100 different little monsters in the movie, as well as a slew of Easter eggs that hint at even more.

While Detective Pikachu is the first live-action foray for the franchise, it’s not the first movie. The animated Pokemon: The First Movie was released in theaters in 1998, with a long line of sequels and spin-offs in the years since.

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Author: Chris E. Hayner