Get Free Crunchyroll Premium For 30 Days With Twitch Prime, But Only For Limited-Time

Crunchyroll has announced a team up with Twitch Prime to offer more anime-focused rewards for Twitch Prime subscribers. Starting today, 30 days of free Crunchyroll Premium will be offered to all Twitch Prime subscribers. This offer ends on June 16, so act while you can.

“While we constantly focus on delighting Crunchyroll fans, we also feel it’s our responsibility to continue to proliferate the popularity of anime to new audiences,” Crunchyroll head of partnerships Eric Berman said in a press release. “We pride ourselves on working with like-minded, fan-focused partners and are excited to offer all Twitch Prime members a free pass to Crunchyroll right in time for the huge spring anime season.”

You can watch anime on Crunchyroll for free, but having a Premium subscription unlocks certain perks. The best one is getting all new episodes of every simulcast anime about an hour after they air in Japan, which is usually a whole week before non subscribers get it. A subscription removes all ads from every anime on the site as well, and unlocks specific discounts on items in the Crunchyroll Store. You get a 50% discount on home video titles within the first week of their launch, for example, and a 10% discount on apparel.

A little over half of the anime we recommended in our eight must-watch Spring 2019 anime series list are on Crunchyroll. Of the eight, the action-packed shonen Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, harem romantic comedy We Never Learn: Bokuben, slice-of-life Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu, classic remake Fruits Basket, and sports anime Cinderella Nine are all on Crunchyroll.

Saga of Tanya the Evil is also on Crunchyroll, so this Twitch Prime deal offers a chance to catch up on the series ahead of the release of the sequel movie. In our Saga of Tanya the Evil – The Movie review, I wrote, “Provided you’ve watched Season 1 of the anime, [Saga of Tanya the Evil – The Movie] is a satisfying continuation to one person’s desperate struggle to one-up a god by ending a worldwide war, only for her to learn the price for her hubris. It introduces far too many characters to keep track of, though, opens on a scene that definitely didn’t need to be included, and squanders most of its battles with incessant chit-chat from all those involved. But watching Tanya outsmart her opponents with sadistic glee is enjoyable fun, and her final fight with Mary is the best the anime has ever looked.”

Anime isn’t all you can get with a Twitch Prime subscription. For May 2019, all Twitch Prime subscribers will get five specific PC games for free. You have until May 31 to download them, but once you do, they’re yours to keep forever. In order to own a Twitch Prime subscription, you need to be an Amazon Prime member and then link your Amazon account to your Twitch account.

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Author: Jordan Ramée