Google’s Pixel 3A is refreshingly easy to repair

iFixit has conducted its teardown of Google’s new Pixel 3A and 3A XL smartphones, awarding the devices a reparability score of 6 out of 10. The site found that the new Pixel’s display is fairly easy to remove — without the heat gun or blow dryer that’s often necessary to melt the adhesive securing the screens on many of today’s phones.

Instead, Google uses a “spongy, easily-separated adhesive.” The downside here — and probably a key reason for the Pixel 3A’s lack of water resistance — is that it’s likely easier for water to seep through the outer screen perimeter and into the phone.

Image: iFixit
The Pixel 3A uses a spongy adhesive that’s not as strong as today’s water-resistant flagships.

On the plus side,…

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Author: Chris Welch