Fantastic 4 Director On Claim That All Superhero Movies Are Successful: “Hold My Beer”

Superhero films are all the rage today, and Captain Marvel is just the latest example of massive commercial success in the genre. But not every superhero film does well.

Seemingly responding to Captain Marvel’s massive box office result, Torque director Joseph Kahn said on Twitter, “No superhero movie fails.” Then Josh Trank, the director of 2015’s Fantastic Four film, chimed in with a fitting response.

“Hold my beer,” he said.

Hold my beer.

— Josh Trank (@joshuatrank) March 10, 2019

It appears Trank is talking about his own film, Fantastic Four, as an example of how not every superhero movie is a guaranteed hit. After enjoying breakout success with 2012’s Chronicle, Trank was hired by Fox to make the Fantastic Four movie–and it could have gone better. The movie was panned by critics and it made just $56 million in the US and Canada. The film pulled in around $168 million globally against a reported budget of $120 million.

The movie stars Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Kata Mara, with a script from X-Men series writer Simon Kinberg.

In a tweet that Trank sent and quickly deleted just before Fantastic Four’s release, the director said he had a “fantastic vision” for the movie that he claimed would have received “great reviews.” However, the suggestion from the deleted tweet is that the studio wanted to go a different way.

Trank’s next movie is Fonzo, which stars Tom Hardy as the gangster Al Capone.

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Author: Eddie Makuch