Neutrogena will 3D print custom face masks based on buyers’ skin measurements

Last year at CES, Neutrogena introduced an iPhone accessory — the Skin360 — that scans users’ faces to assess their skin condition and moisture levels. At this year’s show, the company is building off that device to create custom face masks through a new iOS app called MaskiD.

The Skin360 isn’t necessary to use the app, although Neutrogena says it’ll give a more accurate assessment of users’ skin needs. However, the app does rely on the TrueDepth camera in the iPhone X, XS, and XR to take a 3D image of users’ faces, the idea being that every mask is customized to fit each person. The eye slits match up with an individual user’s eyes, for example, as does the mouth opening.

The company will offer five main ingredients to start with:…

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Author: Ashley Carman