New Happy Death Day 2U Trailer Kills Characters Many, Many Times

New year, new Happy Death Day 2U trailer! The upcoming sequel to 2017’s Happy Death Day is heading to theaters on Valentine’s Day, with the original cast returning for a new take on its horror-tinged Groundhog Day-like premise.

In the new film, Tree (Jessica Rothe) isn’t the only one dying every time the day resets. Now she’s leading a ragtag group of college buddies in an attempt to stop whatever force it is that wants them all very dead. As seen in the new trailer, she’s also figured out a clever way around being constantly murdered–killing herself. Whether it’s falling off a building, jumping out of a plane without a parachute, or blowing herself up, Happy Death Day 2U is mixing things up when it comes to killing off its star just as much as the first one did.

Happy Death Day 2U is set two years after the original movie and throws Tree back into the time loop that started it all.. By this point, though, she’s a pro as reliving the same awful day over and over, so she quickly jumps into action to mobilize her group of friends and figure out who it is that wants her so dead.

The latest film in the franchise sees the rest of the originals cast returning alongside Rothe, as well as writer/director Christopher Landon. Happy Death Day 2U hits theaters on February 14.

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Author: Chris E. Hayner