This is what caused that shocking blue glow over New York City

The blue glow that lit up the New York City skyline last night was the result of a fire at an electrical substation in Queens.

The night sky over New York City glowed bright as day Thursday evening, pulsating with a strange blue light after a fire at an electrical substation caused transformers to explode, sending electricity arcing through the air.

Luckily, the fire quickly went out, and there were no injuries, despite the mind-boggling light display. Nearby, LaGuardia airport suffered a brief power outage, but otherwise, effects were minimal. New Yorkers did manage to get some incredible photos and video of the event.

There was a brief electrical fire at our substation on 20th Avenue & 32nd Street in Astoria this evening, which caused a transmission dip in the area. All power lines serving the area are in service and the system is stable. Photo: Michael…

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Author: Mary Beth Griggs