Counter-Strike: GO adds new battle royale mode and goes free-to-play

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has now gone free-to-play, and with that change developers Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment have added a new battle royal game mode. The new mode is called Danger Zone and you can enter into a match with up to 18 other players, with the last one standing deemed the victor.

The Danger Zone battle royale mode starts off like other games in the genre, like Fortnite or PUBG, where you’re dropped into an .ever-shrinking map — CS:Go calls it the Blacksite — and need to hunt for guns and equipment. Drones also send down packages that can benefit your gameplay, similar to the supply drops of competing BR games. But in addition to fighting each other to the death, you can also take on missions and rescue…

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Author: Shannon Liao

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