Facebook quietly launches a TikTok competitor app called Lasso

Facebook has quietly released an app called Lasso that lets users create fun short videos designed to compete with TikTok, the viral 15-second video app that recently merged with Musical.ly. Lasso is Facebook’s latest bid to win over teens, which the large social media platform has lost its hold over. In 2018, only half of teens say they still use Facebook, compared to in 2014, when 71 percent of them said they did. The app was first reported as in development in late October.

On Lasso, users can record themselves dancing and lip-syncing to music, similar to what they can already do on TikTok. The app also lets users record short clips like Vines. It’s available on iOS and Android. Facebook told The Verge: “Lasso is a new standalone app…

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Author: Shannon Liao

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