RED’s Hydrogen One ‘holographic’ smartphone launches on November 2nd for $1,295

After more than a year of waiting, RED’s Hydrogen One smartphone is almost here. Verizon and AT&T announced this morning that they’ll begin selling the phone this Friday, November 2nd, for $1,295. Both are offering it on monthly payment plans, of course: Verizon will offer a 24-month plan, and AT&T will offer a 30-month plan.

At $1,295, the phone is $100 more expensive than it was for customers who agreed to preorder it sight unseen last summer when it was first announced. At the time, RED CEO Jim Jannard said the cheaper pricing wouldn’t be guaranteed for people who didn’t preorder, so early adopters did end up getting a small discount.

The Hydrogen One was initially supposed to launch in early 2018, but…

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Author: Jacob Kastrenakes

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