OnePlus plans to have the first 5G phone in Europe

The OnePlus 6T

Everyone’s focus right now is probably on the new OnePlus 6T that was just announced this morning, but OnePlus itself is already looking far ahead of that. Last week, OnePlus announced that it was working on a 5G phone for launch as early as the first half of next year, and today, this upcoming 5G phone was a point of discussion during the 6T launch event.

When discussing the Snapdragon 845 processor found in the 6T, Qualcomm’s president Cristiano Amon made a point to note that “we’re very happy that our efforts with OnePlus will include 5G smartphones in the very near future.” In an interview ahead of the 6T launch, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, told me that OnePlus expects to launch a 5G phone next year and that it’s already working with…

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Author: Dan Seifert

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