Justin Bieber’s bizarre burrito incident reminds us not to believe everything online

Justin Bieber’s scandalous eating methods baffled people last week after a photo of the long-haired vagrant biting into the middle of a burrito went viral.

Even a casual burrito connoisseur can tell you burritos are eaten from top to bottom, using the tin foil to guide your eating path. Bieber’s supposed decision to bite directly into the middle — resulting in beans, cheese, meat and lettuce spilling all over the ground — is absurd. Multiple news organizations picked up on the photo, blogging about Bieber’s latest mishap, with Vice even going so far as to recreate the experiment. Everyone came to the same conclusion: either Bieber has never eaten a burrito, or someone’s pulling a fast one on the world.

Turns out the latter is true.


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Author: Julia Alexander

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