Here’s 12 fantastic science fiction and fantasy novels that you should check out this July

Robots are a regular staple in science fiction, from Isaac Asimov’s book I, Robot to the latest episode of Westworld. So while I was at an event in Boston, I picked up Generation Robot: A Century of Science Fiction, Fact, and Speculation by Terri Favro. It’s an interesting and funny book about the intersection of science fiction and reality, and Favro blends memoir, tech reporting, and even a bit of science fiction to look at where robots have come from, and where they could be going in the coming decades. It’s a quick, light read, and it’s a good chaser to Paul Scharre’s fantastic Army of None: Autonomous Weapons and the Future of War.

Here’s 12 science fiction and fantasy books hitting stores this month that you should check out.


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Author: Andrew Liptak

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