On Scorpion, Drake rages against the internet

The internet fame machine pumps out music stars on the regular — Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Cardi B — but few truly embody the internet in the way that Drake does. The man is a walking meme; our mockery or admiration of the Toronto rapper is forever buoyed to the top of our feeds. Drake is the internet — and he hates it.

For stans, this is nothing new: perennial Sad Boy that he is, Drake has always loved talking (and rapping, and singing) about how much technology and the internet only serves to alienate us from each other. It always feels a little cheesy when Drake spits it, but he can get away with it, because he usually taps into something real. If nothing else, his confessions about how technology affects his relationships are messy…

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Author: Patricia Hernandez

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