Humanity inherits the galaxy in The Expanse’s season 3 finale

The Expanse’s third season ended on June 27th on the Syfy Channel. The final episode, “Abaddon’s Gate,” is the last installment of the show shot for Syfy. Over the course of The Expanse’s latest arc, an expedition involving every faction of Earth’s solar system discovered the true nature of the protomolecule that’s been the series’ major mystery, and confirmed the dangers and potential gains it represents for humanity.

Spoilers ahead for the series, as well as some of the James S.A. Corey novels the show adapts.

Shortly after Syfy announced that it wasn’t renewing the series for another season, the series underwent a soft reboot with the episode ‘Delta-V”, closing out the threat of all-out war depicted in the novel Caliban’s War, and…

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Author: Andrew Liptak

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