Fortnite on Switch is good enough to make Sony’s cross-play policy look even more stupid

Fortnite Battle Royale is out now for Switch, and while it’s obviously a big deal for Nintendo to secure a port of one of the biggest games in the world, Fortnite would be a great showcase for the hybrid console’s versatility no matter what. Epic’s Fortnite strategy has involved putting the game on every system possible, letting players share progress and items across each platform. The Switch version won’t be your best option most of the time, no, but its very existence makes it possible to play the game in even more situations.

Well, unless you’ve been playing Fortnite on PS4, that is.

In handheld mode, Fortnite on Switch looks roughly similar to the iOS version running on a recent iPhone, except the screen is bigger and lower…

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Author: Sam Byford

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