The Best New TV Show Trailers For 2018: Magnum PI, The Passage, And More

Every year, network executives descend upon New York City to meet with advertisers and show off their upcoming shows. While typically a mixed bag of programming, given how many shows don’t make it beyond their first season, each year a few potential jewels rise to the top, and 2018 is no different.

With networks working hard to keep up with the quality of programming on cable, there are a number of new shows that have us here at GameSpot intrigued, if nothing else. Whether they will deliver on premises that range from having God as a Facebook friend to protecting a young girl that is the world’s last hope against a deadly virus remains to be seen, but these are the trailers for the 2018-2019 TV season that are very exciting.

Manifest (NBC)

After Lost first premiered in 2004, it was open-season for networks to try to find its own event series to match that magnitude. Whether it was The Event, The Nine, Flash Forward, or even Heroes, none of them had the staying power of Lost. NBC may have found a winner, though.

Manifest stars Once Upon a Time alum Josh Dallas, who finishes a relatively normal flight to find out the world outside of his plane has aged five years, with the world assuming all of the jet’s passengers were dead in some sort of crash. As the show continues, they begin finding links to each other while unlocking the mystery of what actually happened to them.

God Friended Me (CBS)

Everyone gets Facebook friend requests they don’t want. Now imagine that request coming from God. It sounds like a lot of pressure. Brandon Michael Hall (The Mayor) and Violett Beane (The Flash) star in this series, which follows Hall’s atheist Miles as he gets a friend request from God that sends him down a strange path that helps him save lives.

The six-minute trailer gives away so much, it’s practically a pilot episode for the show. Where the series goes after this particular story thread is a mystery, but it’s an interesting idea that will hopefully pay off.

Magnum PI (CBS)

Yes, there is a big problem with this Magnum PI reboot. While Jay Hernandez may end up being a great Thomas Magnum, he’s missing something very important: that sweet, sweet mustache Tom Selleck made famous. The gang’s all here, Magnum still drives a Ferrari, and this looks like the kind of over-the-top action fare that will be incredibly satisfying. Still, he needs to let that mustache grow.

Murphy Brown (CBS)

It’s been 20 years since new episodes of Murphy Brown were on the air. In the age of revivals, though, it’s back and that’s a very exciting thing. Now that cable news has practically become its own genre of television, Murphy Brown is reuniting most of its original cast to take all of it–and the president–on.

The trailer helps viewers, fans and otherwise, get up to date on the characters lives since the show ended in 1998 and how the world has changed while they’ve been gone. Not mentioned in the trailer is Murphy’s son, Avery.

Born during the original series, Avery is now an adult and a journalist in his own right. Played by Jake McDorman (Limitless), he works at a competing network that, based on what was said at the CBS upfront presentation, sounds a bit like Fox News. Putting the mother and the son on different sides of the political spectrum should bring a new angle to the show.

TKO: Total Knock Out (CBS)

It’s American Ninja Warrior meets American Gladiators meets Kevin Hart. What’s not to love? The competition series puts contestants on an obstacle course that is very reminiscent of the Ninja Warrior stages, but with one major difference: competitors can shoot projectiles at each other to knock them down.

At the center of it all is Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle star Kevin Hart, who hosts the show and, we can only assume, cackles when people get knocked down. Honestly, this show just looks like a lot of fun and, thankfully, you won’t have to wait for the fall to watch it. TKO premieres this summer.

The Passage (Fox)

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is back on TV… again. The former Saved By the Bell star has had a couple of shows the last couple of years–Pitch and Truth Be Told–that didn’t make it beyond their first season. Now, though, he’s dipping his toe in the genre pool with The Passage.

In the new series, Gosselaar plays a federal agent tasked with tracking down a young girl and bringing her in for a government drug test that could save the world from all diseases. However, the drug is actually a virus and the results for most subjects aren’t great. The virus being tested has a habit of turning people into vampire-like creatures. Instead of bringing the girl in and potentially dooming her, Gosselaar’s character decides to save her life as the two go on the run.

With Lucifer canceled and Gotham heading into its final season, this is about as genre as it gets for Fox and, thus far, it looks pretty good.

Whiskey Cavalier (ABC)

If Maggie disappears from The Walking Dead, now you’ll know why. Lauren Cohan, who plays the zombie apocalypse hero, has a new show on network TV, and it looks pretty good. In Whiskey Cavalier, she and Scott Foley (Scandal) play agents at rival government agencies that are forced to leave an interagency team of spies that is as flawed and ridiculous as their own lives.

Whiskey Cavalier is mixing drama and comedy in with the action, keeping it from being just another procedural in a TV landscape full of them. Instead, it looks like a fun romp full of explosions and jokes.

The Rookie (ABC)

Welcome back to TV, Nathan Fillion. The former star of Firefly, Castle, and way too much fanfiction about both shows, plays a guy from a small town who decides to join the LAPD after living through a bank robbery. He’s now the oldest rookie on the squad dealing with a midlife crisis that could actually kill him.

Naturally, he gets by on his sense of humor because that’s what Fillion does best.

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Author: Chris E. Hayner

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