Linksys is now selling a cheaper version of its Velop mesh router

A year after the launch of its Velop mesh router system, Linksys is back with a smaller, cheaper model, with one big catch: it’s slower, too.

The new Velop units, first announced in January, are available to preorder today with sales starting May 15th and will be sold in one-, two-, and three-packs, for $129, $199, and $299. That’s a lot cheaper than the old models, which cost $200, $350, and $450 for those same quantities. Because it’s a mesh system, which uses multiple router units working together to blanket a home with Wi-Fi coverage, you’ll presumably want at least two.

There’s one substantial difference between the cheaper and more expensive models. The cheaper models are dual-band routers, meaning they broadcast two wireless…

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Author: Jacob Kastrenakes

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