Deadpool And Wolverine Finally Get A Crossover–Kind Of, But Not Really

Ever since it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would star in an R-rated Deadpool movie, fans have been hoping that the foul-mouthed character would cross paths with X-Men member Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). Unfortunately, Jackman announced he was retiring from the character after Logan.

All hope is not lost, though. Jackman is making dreams come true on his Instagram thanks to a very special appearance by Deadpool himself. In a video on Jackman’s account, his birthday wishes turn to comedy when a familiar voice starts singing “Tomorrow” from the movie Annie, as well as The Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out?” With a quick turn of the camera, it’s revealed that merc with a mouth is lounging on Jackman’s bed–where else would he be?

“Who let them out?” Deadpool wonders. “No one knows. No one ever solved that mystery.”

While this is likely the closest fans will ever come to seeing Wolverine and Deadpool team up, it’s still very entertaining. It’s also nice to see Jackman still having fun with the X-Men universe, even if he’s done reprising the role he’s become synonymous with.

Then again, maybe if he and Reynolds get along well enough, the actor will consider dusting off his claws for one more trip to the X-Men universe? After all, Logan was set in the future; why not take a little trip back in time to have some fun with the X-Force?

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Author: Chris E. Hayner

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