Shure makes its superb electrostatic earphones a touch more affordable at $1,999

<em>Shure KSE1200.</em>” src=”×1360/1310×873/”></p><p>A year ago, I reviewed the $2,999 <a href=Shure KSE1500 earphones and declared them an outstanding technological feat with a sound that’s basically impossible to obtain anywhere else. Well, there’s now a more attainable version of the same, with Shure announcing the $1,999 KSE1200, which eschew the digital signal processor (DSP) and ship only with an accompanying amplifier. That allows the company to slice a third off the original audiophile earphones’ price while still retaining the claim to best-in-class fame.

The truth is that Shure’s electrostatic earphones win the prize of best in their class by default: no one else is doing anything as ambitious as this. The KSE1500s were an entire personal music listening system — one where you plugged in…

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Author: Vlad Savov

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