This new electric concept is a futuristic take on old-school racecars

For as wild as concept cars tend to be, they can also be pretty similar. They all boast beefy specifications, extreme designs, and — these days — lots of the same futuristic features. They tend to fall into three camps: flashy luxury or sports cars with lots of bells and whistles, more utilitarian concepts built to embrace our seemingly inevitable autonomous future, or a mish-mosh of both. That’s what’s refreshing about this wild new one from DS, which is a division of the PSA Group in France. It’s called the DS X E-Tense, and it looks like something straight out of Speed Racer.

That’s mostly because of the odd seat layout and the almost complete absence of an interior, which makes the DS X E-Tense look like a mid-21st-century version…

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Author: Sean O’Kane

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