Sonos will only bring AirPlay 2 to its recent speakers

Last year, Sonos announced plans to add support for Apple’s AirPlay 2 to its speakers. AirPlay 2 is a significant feature in that it will allow iPhone and iPad users to send audio from basically any app to Sonos’ great-sounding speakers. And you’ll be able to tell Siri to play tracks from Apple Music on Sonos systems; the Sonos One smart speaker doesn’t currently let you launch music from Apple’s service with voice commands, but AirPlay 2 is a roundabout way of introducing that convenience. The difference is that you’ll be doing the talking to your phone instead of the Sonos.

Sonos isn’t saying exactly when AirPlay 2 integration will be ready for release. Apple itself has yet to officially launch AirPlay 2 for iOS yet; it’s still in…

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Author: Chris Welch

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