Volocopter envisions ‘air taxi’ stations that can handle 10,000 passengers a day

If you want to be taken seriously in the “flying car” business, you need a solid infrastructure plan. It’s not enough to just have a cool-looking aircraft that can take off and land vertically. You also need a citywide system of landing pads, charging stations, and passenger loading and unloading areas. Uber is working on its own infrastructure plan, and now German startup Volocopter is ready to show off its own vision for a fully formed urban “air taxi” system, coming to a city near you.

Today, the company unveiled its vision for a network of rooftop “Volo-ports” where up to 1,000 passengers could board and disembark their own personal “flying taxi” every hour. That translates to 10,000 passengers per station per day, the company…

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Author: Andrew J. Hawkins

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