Mad Max Sequels Looking Unlikely As Director And Studio Fight In Court

The chances of a sequel to 2015’s acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road are looking increasingly unlikely. Although director George Miller has spoken about his plans for a follow-up numerous times over the last couple of years, it was reported last November that Miller was suing Warner, the studio that produced the movie. The case has now started, and things aren’t looking hopeful for fans of the action franchise.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, Miller is suing over what he alleges is Warner’s non-payment of a $7 million bonus that was guaranteed if the movie’s budget came in at under $157 million. Although it went overbudget, Miller states that it was decisions by Warner that caused delays and cost overruns, such as insisting on new scenes and an alternative ending. In addition, Miller says that an additional production company was brought on board without the knowledge of him or his producing partners.

Warner’s defence is that the delays and overruns–which resulted in a final budget of $185 million–were largely caused by Miller’s production company. The studio claims that the additional photography was necessary to finish the film, and states that the new ending was merely a request, not a demand.

The case is being heard in Australia, where it was first brought. Although Warner initially argued that it should be heard in the US, the Australian Supreme Court ruled in November that it would be litigated there.

Miller was asked about the case during a Q&A at a college this week, and he revealed he had been working on multiple scripts since Fury Road‘s release. He also confirmed that there were two scripts for further Mad Max scripts ready, but that he had no idea if they would ever happen. “They’re there but that’s all I can say,” he said. “That’s in the future.”

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Author: Dan Auty

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