New Walking Dead AR Game Uses Google Maps On Your Phone

AMC’s next Walking Dead game will use location-based data and Google Maps to infest your real neighborhood with zombies. The Walking Dead: Our World is coming this spring/summer from Finnish developer Next Games.

The AR-based gameplay has you battling walkers wherever you happen to be, alongside characters from the AMC series like Rick, Daryl, and Michonne. The trailer shows off the first-person gameplay, like firing or swinging your weapon at approaching hordes. It will be playable at GDC next week, so we can expect more details soon.

“With Google Maps, we can count on providing the most up-to-date location data, meaning that when new buildings or roads are built, we’ll have them in our game,” said Next Games CEO Teemu Huuhtanen in the announcement. “This enables us to create an immersive experience, tied to the players’ location. Google Maps’ unrivaled amount of location data, covering world-famous landmarks, businesses and buildings, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye, Burj Khalifa and India Gate, makes exploring your surroundings a breathtaking experience.”

Pokemon Go demonstrated the potential for AR-based games, and some of the maps in Walking Dead: Our World certainly bear a resemblance. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite looks to be similarly riffing on Pokemon’s success, and will be coming later this year.

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Author: Steve Watts

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