Larry Page’s flying taxis approach regulatory approval in New Zealand

<em>The Cora</em>” data-portal-copyright=”Photo: Kitty Hawk” data-has-syndication-rights=”1″ data-focal-region=”x1:420,y1:169,×2:580,y2:329″ src=”×0:873×497/1310×873/”></p><p>New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern is set to announce a new agreement with a company financed by Google co-Founder Larry Page to test autonomous air taxis for official certification in the country, <a href=reports The New York Times. Kitty Hawk, the company building the autonomous planes, has aspirations the partnership will lead to a commercial network of taxis in the country in the next three years. Kitty Hawk is already reportedly working on an Uber-like app that will allow customers to hail one of its air taxis.

In an email to the NYT, Ardern said; “We’ve got an ambitious target in New Zealand of being net carbon zero by 2050… exciting projects like this are part of how we make that happen.” Kitty Hawk’s self-piloted air taxi is…

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Author: Thuy Ong

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