Cat Condo blends cute cats with an addictive idle clicker game

The first time I merged a kitty cat into another, I was immediately rewarded with a new type, the kitten. But it took two kittens to make a sneaky cat, and four kittens to make a Japanese bobtail. By the time I reached the 20th cat, the elusive Egyptian Mau, it took merging 262,144 kitty cats together.

It’s been weeks since I began playing Cat Condo, a mobile game on iOS and Android, created by a Taiwanese start-up called Zepni Ltd., and progress has definitely stalled. It’s an idle clicker game where the goal is to match cats to breed more cats and use the money each cat makes to buy even more, until your photo gallery is filled up with rare species. But to me, this difficulty in getting to the next 20 rare and unobtainable cats is what…

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Author: Shannon Liao

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